Frequently Asked Questions


Do you only port Raptor 700 heads?

I am happy porting any cylinder head that I can fit my tooling into. We have had great sucess on other platforms, even two stroke applications!

Do you flow your heads on a flow bench?

At this time, I do not. I am focused more on real world usage and feed back from owners to improve the product. In the future I do plan to own a flow bench to allow measument of air velocity, density and rotation.

When should I port my head?

Porting of the cylinder head is best as a supporting modification to increased compression, more agressive camshaft and more free flowing exhaust and intake. Two stroke applications follow different guidelines as cylinder port timing events are what dictate usable RPM range.

Will porting effect longevity?

With regards to the head itself, with the exception of extreme port work, ( epoxy work, welding ect.) no it will not. Engine overheating should also not be a factor so long as it is tuned properly.

Bigger valves bigger power right?

This is not always true, several factors play a part in valve size choice, and going larger than recomended does not always yield more (usable) power.

More power on the Dyno means faster times right?

Finding the power is one thing, learning to harness it and find more usable power is another. If one found that changing something added 4 HP avg. from 7,000rpm to 8,500rpm but lost 7hp avrg. from 3,000rpm to 6,500rpm one must make changes to the setup(gearing, tire size, tire bite, clutch etc.) to utilize the power found. If not, the machine in this example will most likely go slower in a timed event if still setup the same as before the change (assuming optimal original setup). 


Which exhaust is best for my Raptor 700?

Empire Industries, Monster or Barker brand in the Big Bore size exhaust are all readily available and all offer very good performance. I always recommend big bore even for standard bore size engines. Pick the brand you personally like best. Drag exhaust systems do make slightly more power but their biggest gains are in the weight savings department.

Which fuel controller is best for my Raptor 700?

Power Commander 5 offers the most support and functionality. MSD programmers are easier to install and program but have limited funtionality. Both are tuned using a Windows based computer. Dobeck and other 3- button programmers have very limited funtionality and are best suited for machines with aftermarket exhaust and intake systems only.

Can I still trail ride a built Raptor 700?

Assuming the the engine is built to your needs, absolutely. Maintenace intervals and fuel requirements are likely to change however.

How will a "Web Cam" work in my bike?

Web Cam Inc. is  a camshaft manufacturer, they offer serveral shelf grinds for the Raptor 700 platform and all will perform differently and require different modifications based on the engine build. Web Cams Inc. also offer the ability to custom grind camshafts to your needs. Web Cams Inc. grinds all of the custom HPS camshafts from billet steel cores.


Methanol vs Race Fuel?

Methanol provides a cleaner and cooler burn and is also a relativley inexpensive fuel. Although methanol provides less energy, its energy density is 15.6 MJ/L, whereas ethanol's is 24 and gasoline's is 33 MJ/L, one may fit more methanol in a given space as it is less dense(that's why the consumption rate is much higher). Methanol generally yields more torque up to the 7500rpm range. Oxygenated race fuels will yield more torque above 7500rpm range than pure methanol in most cases but those fuels are usually more harmful to the engine. For example, VP MR12 is very corrosive and will etch the face or stainless steel intake valves. 

What compression is safe for pump gas?

This is a tricky question as there are several variables to consider: altitude, camshaft, ignition timing and what is considered "pump gas" in your area. Camshafts with little valve overlap <25deg. (increased cylinder pressure) will require more octane than one with more. Lower altitude yields the ability to use slightly higher compression ratios. Generally speaking, 11:1 compression is the universal safe for pump gas compression in the Raptor 700 domain. 12:1 in lower altitude areas with 93octane non-ethanol fuel. 

What are swivel valve adjusters?


In order to accomodate larger camshaft lifts, the base circle of the camshafts have to be reduced. This causes the rocker to sit at a different angle to the valve tip. The original adjusters are a pin type that tend to dig into the tip of the valve causing premature valve failure. Realizing this was a common, yet large problem, I set out to ammend it. I found the swivel adjusters in another small engine and engineered a way to accomodate them into our rocker system.

Why do you only use SCE head gaskets on overbore applications?


The use of the SCE copper head gasket in conjuction with ARP head studs is the best way insure that you have no sealing problems. The SCE copper gasket has a built in stainless fire wire.

When would you use +3 valves?


+3 mm valves will not properly fit on a factory valve seat and therefore the factory seat must be removed and replaced with a larger one. The replacment seat is usually softer than steel for use with titanium valves. Titanium valves are generally used to offset the weight of the additional head diameter. Due to this, the cost is signifigantly higher and the longevity is signifigantly reduced. This proceedure is reserved for all out competion use, generally on 800+cc builds.

Common Raptor 700 issues


The "R" Light is coming on and my Raptor 700 won't rev out.

Under the engine drive sprocket there are two single wire connections, the lower most one has a Green wire. Remove the connector from its pin and give it a gentle squeeze with a pair of pliers and replace it back on the connection pin.

I just installed a PC5/Dynatek Fusion and the engine won't start.

Make sure that the Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS) and the Manifold Atmospheric Pressure connection have not gotten mixed up, they are the same connector. The PC5 connector connects to the TPS which can be distinguished by its Yellow center wire.

My Raptor 700 jumps from 3rd to 4th gear and back sometimes under acceleration

Most likely your transmission will need repairs. 3rd and 4th spur and wheel, shift forks and shift segment are the most likely items to show wear from this issue. 

The chain came off and broke the shift shaft output.

Welding the cases without removing the engine will most likely result in improper shifting as the heat from welding will warp critical shift fork shaft orifices. Remove the engine and replace the engine cases. Also check the shift shaft and transmission shafts for warpage and/or abnormal wear.

What all has to be changed to put 2013+ plastics on my 2006-2012 Raptor?

Only the head light brackets will need to be changed in order to put 2013-2019 plastics on 2006-2008 Raptor 700's. The 2009-2012 models with Digital dash will not be able to accommodate new style front plastic properly using OEM parts. 2013-2019 Raptor 700 models will need a 2006-2012 fuel tank and headlight brackets to run the 2006-2008 style plastics. All rear plastics are directly replicable among all years.