Raptor 700 Electric Water Pump Kit


Allow your engine to utilize more of its power for performance while keeping it cool!

Raptor 700 Swivel Valve Adjusters


Helps to prevent pre-mature valve tip wear.

Raptor 700 Titanium Internal Hardware Kit


Reduce your rotating mass!

Raptor 700 Billet Fuel Rails


Ideal for use with Empire Industries Billet 54-58mm throttle bodies.

HPS302B Camshaft


The most widely used of my camshafts. Made by Web Cams from Billet steel core.

Raptor 700 Modified Primary Gears


Beveled teeth, knife edged spokes and fused drive gears.

Raptor 700 Engines

44hp Stock Remanufactured


A 686cc OEM output engine that has been returned to like new condition. Only Yamaha OEM parts are used. 

65hp Weekend Warrior


A 686cc package built from premium core that offers great power on demand throughout the RPM range. Reliablility you can count on. Runs on premium 93 octane fuel.

75hp Trail Beast


A 778cc package built from premium engine core. Great off idle power, no need to hold high rpm to feel its power! Makes for a great GNCC engine. Great reliablity. Runs on premium 93 octane fuel. 

80hp Super Stock


A 686cc package built from premium core engine. Stock bore and stroke pushed to nearly double the factory output! High RPM (Best power from 5000-9000RPM) engine. Race fuel or methanol use only!

85hp Trail Demon


A 770cc package built from premium core. Added stroke, added bore, high compression and aggresive camshaft profile make for an exhilarating experience! Experienced riders only! 110-114 octane race fuel or methanol only. Exhaust, throttle body and intake sold seperatly.

90hp Hell Raiser


770cc's of arm ripping, tire burning, wheel standing, snatch you off the seat power available on demand! Built from premium core. Methanol or 114+ octane fuel  required. Reverse and 1st gear have been removed. Painting optional.

Additional Engine Information

Premium core refers to engine casings, cylinder head cores, and other factory hard parts that are previously used, but have no damage, and have had no repairs made. 

All engines, with the exception of the Stock Remanufactured, have billet steel forged connecting rods(Crankworks Pro Rod). Detailed engine specifications (stroke, bore, camshaft, etc) will be posted in the near future and linked to their respective package.

Complete turn key(with intake, throttle body, exhaust, programmer etc.) packages can be made upon request.

Actual power output will be determined by accesories used. I.E. Throttle body size, exhaust type ect and are rated using the 2006-2014 model cylinder head(dual exhaust port). 

Engine painting is seperate, although some may be painted to represent original color.

High performance engines require different maintenance schedules and have lower life expectency than OEM. 65 and 75hp models are intended to last 2-300 hours of use. 80-90hp models are intended to last 30-50 hours of use before needing to be refreshed. Results vary based on individual usage. 

Due to the large increase of output of the 80-90hp models, extreme caution is advised for not only your saftey, but for the safety of the engine. Harsh loading and unloading of the drivetrain can cause the engine casings to split resulting in catastrophic failure.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the sport, no warranty is implied or offered.


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