Stock Valve Port


Port work designed around the usage of factory sized valves. 

Race Port


Port work designed for high output engines utilizing oversized valves, large intake systems and large camshafts. No epoxy or welding.

Epoxy Port Work


For those looking to find every last horsepower. The use of epoxy allows the port shape to be recreated. This service is recommend for race track use only.

Raptor 700 Transmission Modification


This service modifies your stock Raptor 700 transmission. These are NOT overidden transmission services. Offerings include:

-All stock shift pattern with Reverse and Smooth Shift

-No Reverse, Standard 1-5 with Smooth Shift.

-No Reverse, Neutral down, 1-5 with Smooth Shift

-No Reverse, Neutral down, 2-5 with Smooth Shift

Head Re-Surfacing


Out of house proceedure.

Serdi 5-Angle Valve Job


Out of house proceedure.

Raptor 700 High Quality Stock Rebuild


All parts throughly cleaned in sonic vat, inspected to meet or exceed manufacturers specifications and/or replaced using all Yamaha OEM parts.

Raptor 700 Race Engine Assembly


Extra care and precaution taken to ensure longest possible life of your race engine. 

Engine Painting


This service is only in conjuction with an engine assembly service as each piece is prepared and painted seperately before final assembly. 

Full Custom Raptor 700 Frame Up Build


In the market for a complete Raptor 700 Customized to your liking? I'd be glad to help. 

Extreme Care Shipping


Whether it be overseas shipping or just an extra precaution, extreme care shipping can be arranged to suit your needs. 

Raptor 700 Core Engine Exhange


Looking to just make a weekend of your engine upgrade? Ask about a prebuilt engine to suit your needs and just send your old one back for a discount on the new one!